Features Wishlist

A Real Helpfile or PDF Manual and PDF Reference Manual

With the Release of V11, this idea is more important than ever. Watching Video's of New features is fine, but not useful for REAL Programming. The Video's seem to skim over important information which you don't know is important until you try one of the new features and it doesn't work and there is little or no help available.


While the WIKI was a valiant attempt to improve help, it is a BIG failure in my opinion and slows down the process. Searching for information is not intuitive and if you try and limit the results listed you end up with not finding what you need.


The WIKI Sidebar does not work in Firefox on my machine so I have to start the WIKI in IE before I start programming.


Even the Reference files are not easily downloaded. Each little page is separate, not one long PDF that can be indexed and/or printed. Whenever a new Release of Alpha came out, the first thing I did was Print the Entire Helpfile. At least an easily searchable PDF would be a VAST improvement over the WIKI.


Case in Point. If you try a search on "VideoPlayer or "Video Player" in Page Title Search (Exact Match) there is 0 hits. In Full Text search there are 105 hits.


The WIKI has to be REPLACED with something Better. V11 Deserves it, and so do the programmers who will show off the great features of V11 if given the proper information.


With the Video Player component, nowhere in the wiki does it show how to set the LOCAL Video location for HTML5 except for: "Fully qualified URL which will display a MP4 video with H.264 encoding"


Does that mean the videos have to be in the A5Webroot or can it be on a network share? Can I use the UNC path to a network share? I have tried 30 different ways to access a video and haven't found the answer yet. You would think in a help file it would show an example. There is no such example in the wiki for a local file.


Please Please


Idea No. 90