Features Wishlist

Answer from A5 on features with more than 15 or 20 up votes

That's it - that's my whole Idea. I think if an item on this list gets enough votes, I'd like to see some response from the A5 peeps. I currently see only 5 that have 20 votes or more (and at least one of them has been implemented - um, check it off as "done" maybe?) - and only a few more with 15 votes. For that small number of wish list items, I don't think it would be an undue burden for someone from The Big Giant Headquarters to tell us if they're thinking about it, if there's a reason not to do it, etc.


There's nothing like feeling heard to make us all feel nice and warm and fuzzy. Having your clients get the warm fuzzies is a good thing.


Idea No. 116