Features Wishlist

Convenience Feature for Alpha Code Editors - "Jump Tags"

Given the non-wysiwyg nature of the Alpha Anywhere development environment, navigating among related functions in a large project can be complicated and confusing.


While working in Microsoft OneNote tagging text elements with hyperlinks, I had an idea - If it were possible to insert "Jump Tags" or links pointing to various line positions in the Alpha Anywhere code editors, navigating a complex project would be a snap. Jump Tags could be visually identified as being non-code by appearing in the editor windows with a contrasting background color.


Even a simple one-to-one system of "source" and "target" links would be exceptionally beneficial, although the ability to create "sequential link sets" would let a developer "click through" a related sequence of functions to which the tags were applied.


Because the jump tag system would only have to maintain the position of the tags within the lines of code, the tags do not require any "content aware" features, although having a jump tag display some text from its destination would be very helpful.


Since the jump tags would be for developer reference only, the Alpha Development system could store these tags in the xBasic definition for the project, and the compiler could ignore them entirely.

Idea No. 253