Features Wishlist

Multi Core X64 Bit Version

How many of us went out and bought I5 and I7 workstations and XEON Servers to run Alpha? What do you get for the added expense? Nothing, because Alpha is a 32 bit single core Executable.


You could actually see your wait times increased with a new system if you purchase a slower clock speed, but more cores, CPU. Of course other factors also play a role, such as hard driver and memory speeds.


But if Alpha was a true X64, multi core application, Web Projects would be finished much faster. When you publish a project, the software doles out work to all of the cores just waiting for something to do, where now you have to wait for the project ot be generated, then sent to the publish directory.


The Application Server also MUST go to X64, so my multi CPU, XEON Servers get the workload they deserve.


Right now I give away 50% of my computing power to the World Community Grid. If CPU's cores can't help me, maybe they can cure Cancer!


Who's with me?


Idea No. 66