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Pre-Built API Integration

Alpha is awesome there are unlimited ways to use the software and because of this it would be great to have an area either on the forum (or somewhere) that has customized APIs for alpha or any sort of third party integration. I think people really like helping people in the forums and this would just help a lot of people out to expand their software in shorter time.

Features Wishlist

Facebook Integration

You could have the best app/website in the world, there's no point if no-one knows about it!

Why waste $$$ marketing your project when we can tap into social media networks such as Facebook and make it go viral?

Facebook Stats (Oct 2013):
* 500 million registered users (250 million log in daily)
* Each user has on average 130 Friends.

If a person was to login to an AA project using the same login they use for Facebook,... more »