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Create SQL only components

Suggestions for SQL only versions of Alpha or having Alpha crate it's own version of SQL (which in fact it has done with Portable SQL) are probably way too ambitious, so how about starting with one component, say an SQL vresion of the new dialog component.
One of the most confusing aspects of the current components is when to use dbf syntax (like .t. and .f.), when to use SQL syntax and when to use javascript syntax.... more »

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For SQL databases, default dropdowns to AlphaDAO

Many users now use SQL with a single connection string. So, on the Web Project Profiles property sheet, add a General option to default to AlphaDAO and that connection string. Now, property sheets for dropdowns and edit combos default to DBF. They should default to AlphaDAO and the named connection string.

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SQL Genie Add Add Table At Same Level button

When adding a bunch of lookup tables at same level in the tree, it would be nice if the parent table did not have to be reselected before clicking "Add Table" again. Alter current "Add Table" button text to "Add Table >" and set its bubble help to "Join a Table to currently selected table." The ">" gives visual indication the added table would be indented in the tree from the current table. Add a new button title "Add... more »

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Increase Grid Component Count Query Efficiency

Grid components execute two queries when opened--the main SELECT statement that the developer enters and a secondary SELECT Count(*) statement for displaying the number of records, dealing with record pagination, navigation, etc.

The Count(*) query is usually out of sight, out of mind, but checking my MySQL slow query log, I often find lots of these "SELECT Count(*) FROM..." queries.

These queries are created by Alpha... more »

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desktop form and datasource

It is very good and useful, enabling the creation of a desk top form based on SQL data source, as it is now possible in the creation of the reports. Reports can be created based on DBF table as well as on data source (SQL data source). This would avoid a lot of problems (mostly with speed and fetch limit) that we now have with link tables.

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Reports - Allow embedding of JS components eg 3rd party charts

We have invested a lot of time into developing and integrating a 3rd party charting library ( into our AA web-app. High charts is more flexible, has more charts types and runs on js connection via ajax callback to SQL server.

However there doesn't seem to be any way to embed JS components onto reports. I have tried via a static HTML element, but no luck which means all charts have to be recreated (as... more »