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Features Wishlist

Charts on Reports to call Stored Procedures

1. Call a stored procedure with args to build the chart. (It partially works.)
2. Allow the SQL or stored procedure to sort the Chart. (Very hard to sort the chart the way you want it) or have a sorting override.
3. Expose all of the columns in the SP or SQL to put anywhere you want on the chart.
4. Each chart type (single, records, columns) works just a little different. It would be nice if the features were consistent.... more »
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Features Wishlist

Background Refresh

I think with more and more people utilizing alpha anywhere's PhoneGap integration, it would definitely be a huge boost to get background refresh plugins added to the list of plugins available. I've attempted to add in plugins I have found on GitHub and other resources but trying to get them to work within my app has been a failure. Having documentation showing how to implement these plugins would also be a huge help... more »
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Features Wishlist

Convenience Feature for Alpha Code Editors - "Jump Tags"

Given the non-wysiwyg nature of the Alpha Anywhere development environment, navigating among related functions in a large project can be complicated and confusing.

While working in Microsoft OneNote tagging text elements with hyperlinks, I had an idea - If it were possible to insert "Jump Tags" or links pointing to various line positions in the Alpha Anywhere code editors, navigating a complex project would be a snap.... more »
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Features Wishlist

ENUM type of function for web components

I am working on documentation for my web project. It is hard to do because I can't find a way to get detailed information about component. For example, an enum function that would go through a component and list in some kind of formatted text all of the code side of things. Listing ServerSide Events, ClientSide Events, Xbasic scripts and javascript functions.
If you have a system wide function that is used in many... more »
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Features Wishlist

Message Bd: Filter Posts From More Than "a year ago" and newer

Reference the Alpha Software Message Board, Advanced Search area, Additional Options area, Find Posts Row.
This row allows user to filter a search by selecting a length of time to look back to and fetch all posts newer than that date. The maximum value is "a year ago".
I would ask that additional choices be offered such as 2 years, 3 years, 5 years or allow the user to input the number of years.

Even though the software... more »
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Features Wishlist

SAML Single Sign On Authentication for Alternate Login

Add support for SAML SIngle Sign On Authentication as part of the alternate login. Many enterprises use SSO providers such as OneLogin, Ping, Centrify, OKTA, and even Microsoft ADFS for SAML authentication on single sign on. Adding that will let us work with existing internal applications even if we are outside of a firewall or integrating with other third party applications. I use OneLogin to assist with integration... more »
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Features Wishlist

Split Dates and number into parts for easier handling.

I am developing applications targeting many countries and as we know there are many different ways countries handle dates and numbers.
My application uses lot of dates and numbers and these values are highly critical (as always..)
I think it would be very nice feature and saves a lot of work for us dealing with dates and numbers if Alpha would split dates and number into its parts.


We have date and number field... more »
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Features Wishlist

HTML EDITOR with Multi Servers

When we have a textarea in a UX we can give the user the opportunity to insert images into the HTML text; this is OK for a single server but if you have multi servers the images inserted are only viewable if you are on the same server that you were on when the image was inserted so... Could it be possible to select a server folder which all images would be uploaded to and further to this there is always a chance different... more »
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Features Wishlist

AuthorizeNet_transaction - mode:custom - to use different URL

The function Authorize Net_transaction

When passing "mode" we need to be able to have a "custom" where we can redefine the URL. The processing company ePN has an Authorize.net emulation, so if we could change the URL via the mode parameter it should work. Their web page definition: http://www.eprocessingnetwork.com/developers.html#an

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Features Wishlist

Easily Align List summary values in List Control (client side)

I have a List Control in a UX with several columns of numeric data.

I use Client Side Grouping to summarize the data.

I can't easily align the summary data in the group header, with the data in the list.


Forum Entry: http://www.alphasoftware.com/alphaforum/showthread.php?113242-How-to-align-summary-values-in-List-Control-with-Client-Side-Grouping&p=687949#post687949