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Merge Cell "Inner Most" option -- add extra icon in dropdown

How about some way to add extra buttons / icons WITHIN an Editbox defined with a component Lookup dropdown. The current Merge Cell Begin is not quite adequate enough when trying to ensure an extra button will be placed right next to the dropdown (or within it) without wrapping to the next line. If there were a way to instruct Merge Cell to place subsequent controls within the inner-most generated table for the logical ...more »

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Features Wishlist

Add Logout Dialog or Button

For every site I build, uses want a Logout button. Each time I have to make a button, add some code, and turn off the 'Do I want to navigate away from this page' option. Just as there is a Login dialog, there should be a 'standard' Logout button or Genie to add this to a web site. ALSO.. eventhough I have cleared the session info, I can't stop the use from clicking the 'back' button and seeing the original screens ...more »

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