Features Wishlist

Easily Align List summary values in List Control (client side)

I have a List Control in a UX with several columns of numeric data.

I use Client Side Grouping to summarize the data.

I can't easily align the summary data in the group header, with the data in the list.


Forum Entry: http://www.alphasoftware.com/alphaforum/showthread.php?113242-How-to-align-summary-values-in-List-Control-with-Client-Side-Grouping&p=687949#post687949

Features Wishlist

Facebook Integration

You could have the best app/website in the world, there's no point if no-one knows about it!

Why waste $$$ marketing your project when we can tap into social media networks such as Facebook and make it go viral?

Facebook Stats (Oct 2013):
* 500 million registered users (250 million log in daily)
* Each user has on average 130 Friends.

If a person was to login to an AA project using the same login they use for Facebook,... more »

Features Wishlist

Add "Additional Data To Submit" to file upload and file downloa

The generic Ajax Callback action includes "Additional data to submit". Add this capability to file upload and file download.

I use this, for example, to do:

which allows one function to be used to do, in one case, 15 different actions instead of creating 15 separate, almost identical, Xbasic functions.

Add this to the file upload - user defined and file download actions, and this would... more »

Features Wishlist

Likes / Follows / Tweets / G + / Inestegram Share

I would love to have ability to share from grid into facebook or like the post

in the grid and it would be counted as a like in facebook .. tweet it or follow it using my account in twitter ...

i am not looking for authinticate .. i am looking to use the API of social media and have more options to use it as built in function into alpha .

Features Wishlist

"SAVE AS" dialog default to current object name instead of blank

Hopefully this is a "quick and easy" thing to implement for AlphaDevs.

I do a lot of "SAVE AS" commands for my UX and Grids

It would be very helpful if the filename for the object being saved, defaults to the current object name

Currently when you do a SAVE AS, the file name defaults to blank.

So then I need to scroll down a long list of objects, click on the actual file name I am saving, and then cancel the over-write... more »

Features Wishlist

Field description

Activex Link tables in MySQL. has a COMMENT. column.

In my case the tables have all been created dynamically from COBOL.. The data dictionary includes field descriptions. There are literally thousands of them. I suggest that there should be an option at table level to use the COMMENTS column as a default value for the field description in Alpha-5.