Features Wishlist

Cascading multiselect dropdown

Revise the multiselect dropdown so that it allows cascading multiselect. For example, in V11 AlphaSports Customer table, create dropdowns for bill_state_region, bill_city and lastname. Make bill_city and lastname heights of 5 and multiselect. Select MA for bill_state_region. Select Arlington and see Cario and Mederos. Select Bellmont and see Kelley, but if you select both Arlington and Bellmont, you only see last names... more »

Features Wishlist

For SQL databases, default dropdowns to AlphaDAO

Many users now use SQL with a single connection string. So, on the Web Project Profiles property sheet, add a General option to default to AlphaDAO and that connection string. Now, property sheets for dropdowns and edit combos default to DBF. They should default to AlphaDAO and the named connection string.


Features Wishlist

Merge Cell "Inner Most" option -- add extra icon in dropdown

How about some way to add extra buttons / icons WITHIN an Editbox defined with a component Lookup dropdown. The current Merge Cell Begin is not quite adequate enough when trying to ensure an extra button will be placed right next to the dropdown (or within it) without wrapping to the next line. If there were a way to instruct Merge Cell to place subsequent controls within the inner-most generated table for the logical... more »

Features Wishlist

Implement Alpha 5's AutoSuggest into Alpha 5's application

There are numerous places in A5's application where I need to select a table or view from my database.


Currently, it seems to always be done via a standard dropdown, and I have to scroll thru my many many tables/views.


It would be lovely if I could filter that list by typing a few letters, and then choose the table/view that I need.