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Field Size Detection for New Grids

It would be a real time saver if A5 would auto configure cell, header and text box characteristics for fields in a new grid based on the field definition i.e. its length and type.


Configurable Options could include:

1. Set cell size equal to header or field length whichever is longer/shorter.

2. Set row size to X% of font size

3. Set input box size to X% of cell size


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Control Panel : Note / Remark field

It would be great if the control panel would be extended with a note/remark field that you could freely edit. In this way you could add notes about (for instance) forms that you could see at control panel level.


There is enough space on the control panel, and adding this note/remark field would greatly enhance the usability and manageability of the database.

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Field description

Activex Link tables in MySQL. has a COMMENT. column.

In my case the tables have all been created dynamically from COBOL.. The data dictionary includes field descriptions. There are literally thousands of them. I suggest that there should be an option at table level to use the COMMENTS column as a default value for the field description in Alpha-5.