Features Wishlist

Implement Alpha 5's AutoSuggest into Alpha 5's application

There are numerous places in A5's application where I need to select a table or view from my database.


Currently, it seems to always be done via a standard dropdown, and I have to scroll thru my many many tables/views.


It would be lovely if I could filter that list by typing a few letters, and then choose the table/view that I need.

Features Wishlist

Tree Node Filter needs a Copy to Pasteboard Button

For specifying the filter for the TreeNode, it is often necessary to set a filter at a top level, and then build upon that as you go down the tree - so we have to copy and paste from one window to the next.


Copy and paste buttons would be nice.



Features Wishlist

Search / Filter in the xbe (X-basic Explorer)

Searching for the correct function / property etc., would be MUCH EASIER if there was a way too wildcard search the XBE. (tree node filter)


Enable a little box at the bottom of the XbE to appear, (when the lowest level of any branch on the tree is opened).


Entering anything in this box would filter the tree list displayed!