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A Real Helpfile or PDF Manual and PDF Reference Manual

With the Release of V11, this idea is more important than ever. Watching Video's of New features is fine, but not useful for REAL Programming. The Video's seem to skim over important information which you don't know is important until you try one of the new features and it doesn't work and there is little or no help available.

While the WIKI was a valiant attempt to improve help, it is a BIG failure in my opinion and... more »

Features Wishlist

Answer from A5 on features with more than 15 or 20 up votes

That's it - that's my whole Idea. I think if an item on this list gets enough votes, I'd like to see some response from the A5 peeps. I currently see only 5 that have 20 votes or more (and at least one of them has been implemented - um, check it off as "done" maybe?) - and only a few more with 15 votes. For that small number of wish list items, I don't think it would be an undue burden for someone from The Big Giant... more »

Features Wishlist

Multi Core X64 Bit Version

How many of us went out and bought I5 and I7 workstations and XEON Servers to run Alpha? What do you get for the added expense? Nothing, because Alpha is a 32 bit single core Executable.

You could actually see your wait times increased with a new system if you purchase a slower clock speed, but more cores, CPU. Of course other factors also play a role, such as hard driver and memory speeds.

But if Alpha was a true... more »

Features Wishlist

Freeze (first) column - just like the Excel Freeze Option

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We have huge grids/ Repeating sections and when the user scrolls to the right he can no longer see the Row Label column(s). We would like to be able to freeze 1 - 3 columns into place as a row label, so that these columns can be seen no matter how much the user scrolls. Just fix them in place. I am not talking about the column tiles/headings, I know this has been done, but about the complete column with each cell in every... more »

Features Wishlist

For SQL databases, default dropdowns to AlphaDAO

Many users now use SQL with a single connection string. So, on the Web Project Profiles property sheet, add a General option to default to AlphaDAO and that connection string. Now, property sheets for dropdowns and edit combos default to DBF. They should default to AlphaDAO and the named connection string.