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Increase Grid Component Count Query Efficiency

Grid components execute two queries when opened--the main SELECT statement that the developer enters and a secondary SELECT Count(*) statement for displaying the number of records, dealing with record pagination, navigation, etc. The Count(*) query is usually out of sight, out of mind, but checking my MySQL slow query log, I often find lots of these "SELECT Count(*) FROM..." queries. These queries are created by Alpha ...more »

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Features Wishlist

Nested Group Breaks in Grid Component

Allow group breaks on multiple fields in the Grid Component. The objective here is to allow for a "drill down" grid that allows users to click on the break summary and see lower level summaries, then finely the detail values. I have tried overriding the Xbasic by creating new tmpl.groupBreaks.expression2=”second value” to no avail. I have also tried extending this with the Adjacency List Model, but this solution ...more »

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