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Redefne "global" CSS stylesheets

Alpha has Local, Global and System stylesheets. Global is defined as all web projects under a given ADB file. But no one defines more than one project under a given ADB file, you can't actually to do that effectively anyway. Instead Global should mean "able to use in ALL of your web projects". That is, allow me to define one CSS stylesheet an use it for every one of my projects. Right now I have to maintain one project ...more »

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Features Wishlist

Consistency in style.js

I've been playing around with style.js and it seems like it needs a lot of work. I think it could be immensely powerful for css. The problem is, it seems to work differently in different parts of the file. Sometimes hover and selected states are added to the existing css (the correct way) and sometimes they replace the existing class names (the wrong way). Also, it isn't 100% effective. a lot of the classes aren't even ...more »

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