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Better Documentation for A5 and User Project

As a newcomer to A5, I have had the misery of finding my way through A5's appalling morass of documentation. Wikis and Forums are no substitute for a decent user manual, although the videos are good.

Like many others on the Forum, I have been searching for a way to document my thoughts when building a project. Here is a simple idea: add a comment field to each line of the table design.

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Features Wishlist

SQL Genie Add Add Table At Same Level button

When adding a bunch of lookup tables at same level in the tree, it would be nice if the parent table did not have to be reselected before clicking "Add Table" again. Alter current "Add Table" button text to "Add Table >" and set its bubble help to "Join a Table to currently selected table." The ">" gives visual indication the added table would be indented in the tree from the current table. Add a new button title "Add ...more »

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