Features Wishlist

Finish Security Module

The Security Modules in Alpha5 seem incomplete. I can add users and groups, and a login page, however, these screens seem to be missing...


-Group Maint

-User ID / Password Maint

-Secret Question Maint

-ULink Value Maint

Please add these in your next version so we don't have to scower the forum & internet to setup basic security. Thanks.

Features Wishlist

Web - HTML Editor everywhere where HTML is accepted

In several places (Column Labels, Buttons, Menus) in fact it is possible to use Unicode text, but the editor does not allow Unicode input. You have to go somewhere else, type Unicode text, and then Copy and Paste the HTML code.

All these places should launch the HTML editor when clicked in the develpoment environement.

Features Wishlist

Application Server Xbasic Scheduler for Web Projects

I would like to see a feature built into the application server that would allow for the scheduling of xbasic scripts or functions to run at a specified interval or days in web applications.


This could be taken one step further also with the addition of an event handler, where you could specify xbasic code to execute on specified events for example a new file is added to a directory.

Features Wishlist

2-step verification

Extend the web login component for 2-step verification. Need this for simple "standalone" webapps not linked to a corporate AD infrastructure or so. Security is key to customers in order for them to move to the cloud. Password only security is not enough. With 2 step verification we will be able to create more webapps & Alpha will sell more server licenses. Win-Win!

Features Wishlist

Grid Edit - Show/Hide "available fields" & far left column

Once I get a grid started, I don't need to see Available Fields or the far left column all the time. They're just taking up screen space. I think a Show/Hide button for each would be marvelous. I like to work with A5 on half my screen, whatever reference I'm using on the other. Right now, it's all squished, and the little "..." button to get at some of the controls doesn't even show unless I enlarge past half screen.... more »

Features Wishlist

Easy "Am I up to date" check

For subscribers who were promised that they would get all new updates for free, I'm sure they would appreciate a simple page to confirm they have downloaded/installed all available items (feature packs,videos,updates etc.). Would it be so hard to create a subscribers database where upon login your system is checked (common local folder location and sub-directory for each type of item) that you have everything released... more »