Features Wishlist

Create SQL only components

Suggestions for SQL only versions of Alpha or having Alpha crate it's own version of SQL (which in fact it has done with Portable SQL) are probably way too ambitious, so how about starting with one component, say an SQL vresion of the new dialog component. One of the most confusing aspects of the current components is when to use dbf syntax (like .t. and .f.), when to use SQL syntax and when to use javascript syntax.... more »

Features Wishlist

Buttons and Bubble Help

Desktop Application buttons are predefined and have specific uses. I think they should be standardized to have Bubble Help as the default, which could be turned off if you want to have text or picture and text. I prefer to have just the icons on the buttons and the mouse-over description. Additionally, I would like to see a series of Button Bars, which would put all of the buttons for any category on the page as a group.... more »

Features Wishlist

Inserting Pictures in Ideascale

It is possible:




At least from flickr. Other repositories to be checked.

Features Wishlist

Argument property takes an expression

Dialog2 has a property to set an argument. We need to be able to assign that with an expression.

In the future, all session variables will be character, but MySQL, for example, typically uses numeric ids, so I'd like to set, for example, argClientid = val(word(session.AllKeys,1,"|")) where session.AllKeys = client id | divistion id | group id | merchant id | location id

Features Wishlist

Portable App

Just thinking it would be nice to have a portable application available. There is a small segment of users who do not have internet available at work or traveling and may not have a laptop available, but still have a need for access to their data. A 'desktop' app that could run from a flash drive would be an ideal solution.